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I made this video for Free using Pictory AI

You can make 3 videos with the free account and here is how I made this video.

The idea behind this video was to create some content that was in theme with my new Youtube Channel and promote a product with an affiliate program to create a small income stream.

There is a lot of hype about "Faceless" Youtube channels, where you can just ask CHATGPT to write a script,copy & paste some screenshots into a free video editor and be rich in a week.
This seems "Spammy" to me. Youtube loves original content and their algorithem is actively searching for duplicate and AI generated content so,making a faceless Youtube channel full of canned SPAM,
isn't a strategy for long term success.

Yes, I asked CHATGPT to write a short essay about Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment and cut and pasted screenshots into a free video editor,but I added some personal content,
a personal photo of my Dad and I edited the video, I didn't just use the video edited by Pictory.

I belive it is important to personalize the video and not just crank out tons of "Spammy" content trying to make a fast buck. This video has good information, fits in theme of my Youtube Channel and answers the question,
Who made "The Hobbit", "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" and "ThunderCats"?

I asked CHATGPT to write three paragraphs about Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment, Googled their most popular works and decided which ones I wanted to mention in the video.
I edited CHATGPT's paragraphs to include the shows I wanted to mention, found some screenshots from the shows featured in the video and added a personal anecdote.

Pictory AI, is a text to video AI. You can just paste in your video script and it will produce the video, edit the video and supply the images and short videos it believes to be what you want.
It is designed for business presentations, sales videos, training videos, etc. so the images and video clips it tried to match up to "The Hobbit" were pretty amusing.

I made a short video showing how to make a video with
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