I occasionally go to Lake Cumberland Jamestown, KY and fish for trout in Hatchery Creek, below the Wolf Creek Dam and today I witnessed Girl Power in action!
I don't know if you have ever been to Hatchery Creek, but it is more like a tourist destination than a hard core fishing destination.
That being said, it is a wonderful place to catch your first trout, bring your kids to catch their first trout or just go for a walk along a really pretty stream.

Hatchery Creek at prime time, is quite busy and the banks are lined with guys wearing full blow trout regalia, I mean waders, wading boots, sling packs, fishing vests, high dollar rods and reels, expensive nets, you name it and one of them has it. I find this highly amusing because the stream is very narrow in spots and you could jump or even step across it in places.

Today there was this girl, wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt catching trout one after another while the "Pros" were getting skunked. The funniest part, she was using a red and white bobber on her fly rod.
In the egotistical world of fly fishing, you can't use a plastic bobber on your fly rod. You are "supposed" to spend two or three dollars for a tiny foam rubber "strike indicator".
Does it work the same as a bobber?, Yes! But, it isn't a bobber. It is a strike indicator and therefore more expensive and way cooler, than a bobber.