I am NOT an Affiliate of Global Poker.

Global Poker is a sweepstakes based poker and casino site that is open to US players except Washington & Idaho.
Because it is a sweepstakes, no purchase is necessary. This video shows you exactly how to get Free Sweeps Coins to play for real prizes, cash and gift cards.

If you decide to mail in requests for Sweeps Coins, you will need 4x6 blank index cards. Here is the cheapest place I have found, 300 4x6 Blank index cards on Amazon. This is the one I buy, it is a better deal 1000 4x6 Blank Index Cards on Amazon.
It's an affiliate link, if you buy 1,000 cards, I get 70 cents. If you find them any cheaper, let me know!

Ten Reasons to play on Global Poker!

  1. It is Free!
  2. The games are Soft!
  3. Very few Pros!
  4. No HUDS!
  5. No Hand Histories!
  6. No Bots!
  7. Zero Tolerance for Cheating & RTA!
  8. Win Real $$$!
  9. Quick Prize Redemption!
  10. No Purchase Required!

Global Poker is the only Poker site I know where you can play for free and win real prizes. I have been mailing in requests for Sweeps Coins for years and have redeemded several thousand dollars. The average player
is a recreational player and they aren't very good. The thing to remember when playing against really bad players, they play every hand so they suckout much more often than good players. This makes the variance exteremely high.

Professional players tend to avoid Global Poker. Global, doesn't allow access to the tools professional use to gain an advantage over the recreational players. Pros tend to play were they have access to tools that give them an edge.

HUD's (Heads Up Displays) are programs that read the hand histories saved on your computer and shows stats on your opponents. This is advantageous because at a glance, a Pro can tell how often you bluff, so he knows when to Hold'em and when to Fold'em.
Because Global Poker doesn't provide downloadable Hand Histories, there are no files showing how you play so even if someone tries to use a HUD, they don't have enough information to gain an edge.

Global has zero tolerance for BOTS. BOTS don't work very well on Global because BOTS rely on Hand Histories to make their decisions and Global doesn't give access to Hand Histories.

Global has zero tolerance for cheating, which includes collusion and RTA, (Real Time Assistance). If you don't know what RTA is, Google it, it is ruining the other poker sites.

Each Sweeps Coin is basically a sweepstakes entry and each poker hand or slot spin is an independant seewpstake. After being played, the sweepstake is over and you can request a prize redemption in the form of cash or gift cards. Crypto currency is often available as a prize.

Once you have verified your account, the prize redemption policy is quick and easy!

No Purchase Nessecary!
In the US, sweepstakes are not allowed to require a purchase to particiapte.

Here is a Youtube Shorts video I recorded while playing Slots on Global Poker.

Space Miners Youtube Short, Global Poker