Location Codes for the southern Indiana Multiple Listing Service, Southern Indiana Realtors Associat

If you subscribe to my email listing update, you need the location codes for the Southern Indiana Multiple Listing Service. I send you the new listings and recent solds from the Southern Indiana Realtors Association Multiple Listing Service in a one line format. The one line format is nessecery to keep the email from being to big and to much to read. The downside is that the one line format does not name the City of the properties location, only the location code, which tells you where the property is if you have the location codes.

So Here they are:

0100 Clarksville

0200 Jeffersonville

0300 Clark County

0301 Marysville, New Washington area
0302 Borden Area
0303 Charlestown Area
0304 Sellersburg Area
0305 Henryville, Memphis, Underwood area
0306 Other Clark County Areas

0400 New Albany City Limits

0500 Floyd County
0501 Edwardsville, Georgetown, Lanesville
0502 Floyds Knobs, Galena, Greenville
0503 Floyd County Sellersburg Mailing address
0504 Floyd County New Albany Mailing address
0505 Floyd County Elizabeth Mailing address

0600 Harrison County
0601 Central, Mauckport, New Amsterdam
0602 Central Barren, New Salisbury, Palmyra
0603 Corydon
0604 Depauw, Milltown, Ramsey
0605 elizabeth, Laconia, New Middletown
0606 Harrison County, Lanesville or Georgetown Mailing 0608 Greenville Mailing, Bradford, Byrneville

0700 Crawford County
0701 English
0702 Marengo, Milltown
0703 Alton, Fredonia, Leavenworth, Sulpher
0704 Birdseye, Eckerty, Grantsburg, Taswell
0705 Patoka

0800 Washington County

0900 Scott County
0901 Scottsburg
0902 Austin
0903 Other

1000 Louisville, KY

9900 Any Other County

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