Lois Baird Rice, AKA Grandma Lois is a 90 year old Great Grandma that decided to start a Youtube Channel in November 2023.
She fires up her iPad and starts telling stories of her life.
She was born and spent her early years in Appalachia which is the basis of many of her stories.
As the wife of a traveling preacher and gospel singer, she speny many years living out of a 5th wheel camper.

I think you will as has most of the Internet, fall in love with Grandma Lois.
I am good friends with her current husband, whom she refers to as Number Three.
I consider myself lucky to be her friend as well. Here is a short video from my Youtube channel,
introducing Grandma Lois as she tells about going fishing with her Daddy in 1938.

Her Subscriber count is growing astronomically as the entire world discovers "Grandma Lois".