South Dakota Real Estate for Sale by Owner Site Review

You probably think I am crazy sending you to an South Dakota real estate for sale by owner site, when this entire domain is about getting you to list your property with me or buy one of my competitors listings using me as your agent. Well, depending on whom you ask, you might receive different opinions of my sanity. Anybody that works for straight commission, can’t be all there.

I have three really good reasons for sending you to Your Real Estate for Reason number one is the Internet is a global community and I only work in Southern Indiana and occasionally across the Ohio River in the Metro Louisville, Kentucky area. The second reason is this company has an affiliate program that pays 50%. If you buy an ad, I still get paid. The third reason is it is an excellent place to advertise your South Dakota real estate for sale by owner.

I truly believe this will become the number one site for people to advertise their South Dakota real estate for sale by owner because they don’t have all that garbage about decorating and painting tips. They just have property and you can get in and get out quick. This site is also open to Realtors, Builders and Real Estate Investors. They can advertise an unlimited number of homes for $250 per year.

If you wish to advertise your own South Dakota real estate for sale by owner home or investment property, you can advertise it for an unbelievable $50 and the ad stays up until you sell your house or delete the ad. You get a password so you can manage your own ad anytime you want.

If you live in Southern Indiana, you should list your house with me, because I am very good at getting houses sold and I work cheap.

If you have South Dakota real estate for sale by owner Click Here for your Real Estate for and there are no listings in your city, your ad is free!

How to get a large group of people to send you $7.97 US and like it!

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