Broker Price Opinion and foreclosure services

I have been selling real estate since 1989 and have a lot of experience with Broker Price Opinion, Real Estate Service Companies, Bank REO Departments. I am skilled at selling REO properties and have a good understanding of the foreclosure process.

I will do a BPO in the following areas and under the following terms:

My market area is Southern Indiana and I will accept Broker Price Opinions in my area. Basically if the zip code starts with 471, I will do the BPO.

You send me the BPO form via email in Microsoft Word format suitable for use with Microsoft Office 97 with the MACROS ENABLED so I can fill it out on my computer and email it back ASAP. I will also email digital photos attached to the BPO form. You will receive this information within 48 hours and the hard copy including MLS print outs will follow by Priority Mail, usually about three days. If you require hard copy of the photos add another day.

The price is the same for a drive-by or interior BPO; one hundred dollars ($100) paid in advance via the Pay Pal Link below. If I get the listing and the property sells, I will refund your money at the closing table. This may sound like a strict policy, but I have almost a thousand dollars worth of work out there than remains unpaid. I am not going to work for multi-million dollars companies for free.

The 48-hour time frame begins when I check my email and read your Pay Pal Notification of Payment.

Please email the details of the property and what you want done.

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