Andy Sparks

An Independent Review of Global Poker. How to Request Sweeps Coins and Win!

If you don't like to read, scroll down and watch the video.

I play poker on Global Poker. I am not an affiliate, no operators are standing by and a credit card will not be required.

I am going to share with you an unbreakable strategy for the micro stakes cash games and micro stakes tournaments on Global Poker. I call it an unbreakable strategy, if you follow my direction, a brand new player or even one of the worst players on the planet, won't go broke. The other players may be good enough to beat you but they won't be able to break you.

Global Poker via their Sweepstakes Requests, offers you an unlimited bankroll to play against some of the worst poker players on the planet!

I am going to show you how to maintain enough Sweeps Coins in your account to keep playing until you are good enough to win. You can take this strategy as far as you want to go. You can book some small wins and redeem your sweeps coins for gift cards and get a nice dinner every now and then or you can build a bankroll while improving your tournament skills and set your sights on the World Series of Poker's Main Event.

I like playing on Global Poker so this will be a positive review.
Global Poker is a social Media site with a bit of a twist. Global Poker runs sweepstakes, each hand of poker or spin of a slot is a seperate sweepstakes event. When you win, you can redeem your sweepstakes wins for cash or gift cards.

The primary negative about playing poker on Global Poker is when you email Customer support, the reply you receive may or may not have anything to do with your problem. There is an easy work around for that, Global Poker has a dedicated forum on poker forums and if you post there regarding a serious issue, it is very likely you will get a resoultion.

1. You can play for free and win real money and real prizes.
2. You are going to find yourself in some of the softest poker games in the world. Some of the micro stakes players on Global play bad, like really bad.
3. Global Poker focuses on recreational players. Global Poker doesn't allow any software to help you play and the poker hand histories are not downloadable so Pros tend to play elswhere.

My strategy is very simple.
Because Global Poker operates a sweepstakes, if you mail in a request for sweepstakes entries AKA Sweeps Coins, they will give you some. At this time, each request for sweepstakes entries is given five Sweeps Coins.

The sweepstakes requests are unlimited. So if you mail in ten requests that are filled out and mailed EXACTLY as described in their Terms and Conditions and Sweeps Rules, Global Poker will credit you with fifty Sweeps Coins, if you mail one hundred requests, they will credit you with five hundred Sweeps Coins.

Here is what you do.
If you live in the US or Canada and reside in a State/Province where sweepstakes are allowed,Sign up at Global Put your name, adress etc... just as on your ID and Bank Statement, this makes redeeming prizes much simpler. Global Poker will typically give the new player a few Sweeps Coins to get started. Join a micro stakes cash game or tournament and while you are playing, fill out Sweepstakes Requests.

At this time the maximum buy in for the smallest cash games is 10 Sweeps Coins. If you get stacked, it takes two Sweepstakes Requests to get even. My strategy is to keep mailing Sweepstakes Requests and continue to build a bankroll for higher games as I become a better player.


Do not hit and run with a bunch of their Sweeps Coins! Sweepstakes Requests are unlimited and Global Poker is suprisingly generous with Sweepstakes Prize Redemptions. It is tempting to mail in a bunch, play the bare minimum and redeem the balance. You can probably get away with that once or twice but Global Poker is pretty good at math and it won't take them long to figure out you cost more than you are worth. IMO, the smart way to go, use this opportunity to get really good at poker and you can win more money over the long term than you ever will hit and running with Sweeps Coins. As you are playing in a Sweeps Coins "cash" game, Global Poker is keeping a percentage of each pot, commonly referred to as RAKE. As long as you are playing, keeping the Rake flowing in and not costing more in Sweepstakes Prizes than you are worth, they will keep allowing you to redeem sweepstakes prizes.

All poker rooms, online or in a casino, need the same thing, they need players sitting at the tables. You are helping them get what they need and as long as you don't get greedy or stupid, your relationship can last a very long time.

The following video shows exactly what I do and how to mail in Sweepstakes Request to receive free Sweeps Coins. While on Youtube, please hit the Like Button and/or leave a comment. This will help other aspiring poker players find the video and learn about Global Poker. See you at the tables!