Sample real estate purchase contract for real estate purchase.

If you use this sample real estate purchase contract for real estate purchase and get in trouble, it is not my fault. seek competent legal advise when entering into binding contracts.

real estate form SAMPLE Real Estate Purchase Contract for Real Estate Purchase.

We agree to purchase the Real Estate commonly known as [property address goes here], belonging to [Seller’s name goes here], for the Sum of :

_______________________________________________ ($_________________)Payable 10% nonrefundable down payment on the day of sale and the balance due within thirty days. [You can change the down payment and time for closing] Closing shall take place on or before [Closing date goes here}. Real Estate taxes will be prorated to the day of closing. Buyer will be responsible for paying all installments thereafter. Buyer will have possession on or before [Agreed upon possession date goes here].

Buyer hereby waives the right to lead based paint inspection if the property was built prior to 1978.

Property is being purchased as is, subject to all easements of record, restrictive covenants of record as to the use and improvement of said property, applicable regulations imposed by any planning or zoning board, or any unpaid assessments due hereafter. Time is of the essence and this is an irrevocable offer to purchase with no contingencies. In the event the purchaser fails to perform according to the terms of this contract, the down payment shall be forfeited as partial liquidated damages, and not as a penalty, without effecting any of the Seller's further remedies.

Improvements and fixtures permanently installed and fixed to the real estate are included in the sales price.

Indemnification and release: Purchasers hereby release the Sellers from any and all liability relating to any defect or deficiency affecting said real estate, which release given shall survive the closing of this transaction. The purchasers have made all inspections and agree to purchasing the property "as is and where is".

The Seller acknowledges receipt of the down payment, and if in the form of a personal check, by the purchaser's signatures below, this contract shall constitute a personal demand note guaranteeing the negotiability of this check. Should the Seller be required to sue to collect the check, court costs and attorneys fees will be the purchaser's expense.

The undersigned purchasers have read the entire contents of this contract and expressly agree that all terms and conditions of the purchase are included herein, and acknowledge receipt of a copy.

Printed as to appear on deed: ____________________________________________SS# ______________________

Purchaser's signature _____________________________ Date _________________

Printed as to appear on deed: ____________________________________________SS# ______________________

Purchaser's signature: ____________________________ Date ________________Address: _____________________________________________________________Phone: ___________________________________________The Seller's agree to sell the above real Estate on these terms.

Seller: __________________________________________ Date ________________Seller: __________________________________________ Date ________________

Okay, I need to say it again. This real estate purchase contract for real estate purchase is a SAMPLE. If you use it, you are on your own! This real estate contract for real estate purchase is Written with the Seller's best intrests at heart!

If you intend to make a real estate purchase, You need more protection than this provides If you don't understand why, Click Here for Step-by-Step Instructions for buying your first home. Real estate purchase contracts are legally binding and seek competent advice before signing a real estae purchase contract for real estate purchase. Do you ever wonder why it is hard to find a real estate purchase contract for real estate purchase on the Internet? It is fear of liability, I probably shouldn't have this on here either, but I want to make the best real estate site that I can, so I think it needs to be here as an example!

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