Selling Internet real estate online

I know, selling internet real estate online is a bit of a garbled phrase but it is great for search engines which is probably how you found this page.

This page is about how to use Internet Advertising to sell your property. While I am certain the Internet is the future of real estate sales, it is not there yet. I don't care where you place your Internet ad, most people are not going to find it, the Internet is just to big.

The power of Internet Advertising today is the savings to be had on offline advertising.

In a large market, a simple little real estate ad can cost hundreds of dollars. If you try to give directions or describe the property, the cost goes through the roof and the worst part is, it is ineffective. That is an amazing combination, to high and doesn't work.

If you utilize Internet advertising, you can drastically reduce the cost of advertising your property.

Instead of running a large expensive ad in the paper, run a small one with the url of your Internet Real Estate for Sale ad.

Also write the URL on your for sale sign and on any flyers that you post or keep in a brochure box.

If you use a Real Estate for Sale site like, Your Real Estate for , you can place an ad for $9.97 and the photo ad stays up until your property sells. You get basically unlimited text to tell everything the buyer needs to know and you get an email link if the want to ask a question or set an appointment.

Here are two advantages of selling internet real estate online, you save big money on your offline advertising and you get the advantage of people searching for property in your state.

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