Secrets to Real Estate Wealth, Simple Real Estate Techniques for the average person

Would you like to learn simple real estate techniques?

Would you like to make money on real estate?

Do you have some real estate now but wish you knew more?

This ebooklet gives you a straight forward look at real estate as an investment. It also warns you of common but serious mistakes made by the uninformed.

This book can save you thousands!

There are five primary ways that people in America become millionaires, Become a Professional Athlete, start your own business & sell it, invent something, win the lottery or invest in Real Estate. Real Estate is responsible for more millionaires than the rest of them combined.

Here is the table of contents.

Secrets to Real Estate Wealth.
By Andy Sparks

1. The simplest, safest and best way for the average person to create wealth with real estate.

2. Rental Properties, Asset or Albatross?

3. Options, powerful buying & selling tools.

4. How to get cash at closing and the dangers involved.

5. 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, Equity use it or lose it!

6. How to buy properties below the fair market price.

7. Exit Strategy; know how to get out before you get in!

8. Sample Purchase Agreement for Seller.

9. Basic differences in purchase agreements for Buyer & Seller.

10. Overview of the foreclosure process.

11. Buying property pre-foreclosure.

12. Foreclosure property, VA, HUD and Bank REO

13. Buying property with owner financing.

14. Selling with owner financing.

15. Step-by-step Instructions for the first time home buyer.

16. Buyer Beware!

17. How to sell your Property with Internet advertising.

18. A sample Option Agreement

19. A sample lease agreement

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Here is the forward of Secrets to Real Estate Wealth.


My name is Andy Sparks and I am a real estate broker and Auctioneer in southern Indiana. I am writing this book the week before I am to be married for the first time and I find myself in a reflective mood. I have been thinking about what I use to do and what I would do differently if I could.

If you sell real estate for a living, you don’t do much reflecting. It is the nature of our business to live in the moment. Closing this deal, or putting the next one together takes a huge amount of time and energy.

I am writing the book, that I wish I could have read before I bought my first rental house. I bought my first rental when I was 24 years old and made every mistake that could possibly be made. I like to think I am smarter now. I tell people that I have a street degree from the school of hard knocks.

This book is to tell you a little about what to look for and what to avoid. This is a short simple and straightforward look at real estate investment. There are no fancy strategies or get rich quick schemes in this book. These are all techniques that I have used, or have seen used by clients. This is not second or third hand information.

I hope you find this book helpful.


Andy Sparks

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