WWII Lifeboat being converted to a steam boat, need a steam engine.

Facts about my potential steam boat or steam launch if you prefer. Galvanized Steel Hull 29 feet long 9 feet beam, tri-axle trailer

The other side with a closer shot.

An interior shot from the bow back to the stern. Notice the rudder laying inside the boat and the shaft for the propeller. We put the rudder inside the boat for transport..

Here is the prop. I am holding a Pepsi can for scale. I didn't have a tape measure so I am not certain of the diameter. I will measure it later. Update,prop is 14 inches and 16 pitch. I am shining it up a little so it will look good on my steam boat.

I had a thought that I would make it resemble Noah's Ark and call it Andy's Ark. I will probably do a canopy like a traditional steam launch but the steam boat is a blank slate at the moment and all things are possible.

My wife is not happy about this purchase so it may be for sale. Email if you have any questions or comments. I would like to know more about this boat and original photos of what it looked like new.

Learning as I go, here is a cut and paste from an old engine web site with a picture of the engine that was most likely in my lifeboat.

In 1933 another 4 cylinder engine called the Utility Four (Model BN - 6 volt generator / BNM - magneto / BNR - 6 volt generator, left hand propeller rotation / BNMR - magneto, left-hand propeller rotation) was introduced. The Utility Four was a 4 cylinder inline / 95 cu in model which developed 25 hp @ 2,500 rpm, and was designed for "cruisers, runabouts, and auxiliaries up to 45 feet". In 1939 a new "shortened" version of the Utility Four was introduced at a cost of $US333. 2,700 Utility Fours were built between 1933 and 1940. The marine reversing gear fitted to this engine was a Joes Gears, manufactured by the Snow & Petrelli Manufacturing Company in New Haven, Connecticut. The Utility Four was advertised at the 1940 New York Boat Show as having been used as the auxiliary engine in the 36 foot yawl Iris on a voyage from New York to Naples and return in the summer of 1939.

Thousands of Utility Four engines were purchased by the US navy from 1943 to 1950 for use in lifeboats and during World War 2 they were used world-wide to power lifeboats for the ships, barges, and tankers of many navies and merchant marine fleets.

Here is one in a lifeboat that looks very similar to my boat.

Here is a better photo. I think this engine is in a museum.

Girl Scouts in a lifeboat at Great Lakes Maritme Academy,May 1999.

Sailors training in a lifeboat, very similar to mine.

More Photos and info as I find them.

I am looking for an engine and boiler to power my steam boat.

So much for the past, I hope this is a glimpse into the future.

This is a lifeboat conveted to steam called the Raucous formerely owned by Lauren Williams. More information is available on his web site, Click Here.

Recent paint job. 06/07/08

The other side painted.

sl Adelaide, sl stands for Steam Launch, click here for pictures and good information.

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