If you arrive here please understand there is no organization to join.

The charity links are live, Please make a donation. I plan to have an organization soon.

You are Your Brother’s KeeperWelcome to Your Fellow Man.com

This site is based upon three concepts that we believe everyone should support.

  • You are your Brother’s Keeper. Every Major religion tells us to help our fellow man. Do you believe that everyone should help the less fortunate?
  • Many Hands Make Light Work By joining together in a large organization, we can make a serious difference in the world around us. If we gave a small donation and gathered a few donations from others, the impact would be astounding. When this organization reaches 100,000 members strong and we gathered a ten-dollar donation from three people, three million dollars ($3,000,000.00) will be given to charity. Would you like to give three million dollars (3,000,000.00) to charity? I know I would.
  • No Good Deed Should Go Unrewarded Should the people trying to make the world a better place be rewarded for their efforts? If you could make a difference in the world and receive a small reward, would you be interested?

If you agree with everything we have said so far, we are going to ask for a small donation to one of the following charities. Only give what you can afford and please be assured the entire amount of your donation will be electronically transmitted via very secure means to the charity you choose. We do not touch the donation money or keep any of it for administrative costs. We are supported by and our members are compensated entirely from the membership dues.

Each of these links will open a new window, please close the new window after you finish to return here. If you would like to help us in our work and receive a small compensation for helping others, we would enjoy your help. You do not have to make a donation to join and you do not have to join to make a donation. Follow your heart in this matter.

Feed the Children, The name says it all!

Please support the Fund for the Animals, We speak for those who can't

The Gentleman that started out organisation owns a real estate site and we wuld like you to support him if you plan to sell a piece of real estae or have an interest in real estte.

Click Here to visit Your Real Estate for Sale.com

Would You like to help us raise money for charity?

We would like your assistance and we will be happy to share the monthly web hosting fees of members that you refer.

First the negative stuff:

  • Absolutley no more than one membership per household.
  • Absolutely no SPAM. Zero Tolerence, it is in your best interests to refrain from advertising via email, because one complaint and you are history.
  • Because we share the web hosting fees of new members that you recruit, we are in fact a multi-level organisation and because this program really is about the charities, you are strictly prohibited from making income claims or telling anyone how much you make.
  • If you are a US resident and you make any money, you are going to receive a 1099.
  • The web site hosting fees are $10 US per month, the odds of you getting rich are slim to none.
  • We employ a forced matrix compensation plan to try to help you break even.

Now the positive stuff:

  • It feels really good to help your fellow man.
  • You might make some money if you are lucky.
  • I am certain that in the process of raising money for charity, we will meet some really nice people.

Here is the basic outline of our organisation. You join our organisation and you will receive a web site just like this one, personalized with your information. Here is our compensation plan. It is a forced matrix so when your first level is full, your next personal referral goes in your second level. Your first level might contain 5 people and you will get $2.00 US each month after they pay their web hosting fees. Your second level could contain 25 people and you would receive $1.25US. Third level might contain 125 people and you would receive $1.00US for each member after they paid their monthly web site hosting. I doubt that anyone ever gets this far but the fourth level could contain 625 people, but you only get $0.75US for them. I am glossing over the rest of the levels because it may not ever happen.
Level 5=3,125 at $0.40US
Level 6=15,625 at $0.30US
Level 7=78,125 at $0.20US
Level 8=390,625 at $0.10US
level 9=1,953,125 at $0.05US
level 10=9,765,625 at $0.50US

This is a mathmatical projection and assumes that a matrix would ever get completely full (as if)and can not be relied upon as typical income for a member. If we can help you pay one of your monthly bills, we will be happy.